Ladies…. Hindari ya Kencan dengan Pria Narsis, Ini Alasannya

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Important differences between implantation and menstruation !

Implantation bleeding has a short duration. It is also light in most women. Comparing it to menstruation blood, it looks like a one time spotting occurrence. Do not confuse it with spotting. Some women experience spotting; this occurs as a series of bleeding episodes in between menstrual cycles. The difference is that spotting will happen two or more times while implantation bleeding is light bleeding that disappears after one or two days.

Note the timing too. It will most likely happen a week after intercourse or ovulation. The spotting will happen anytime after menstruation. It may occur one day then skip three, and take place again and keep skipping a day or two or even come as a several day spotting. This means that you can spot for five days and then skip a few days and start spotting again for a day or two or stop spotting until the next menstruation.

Another way to tell the difference is that menstruation blood gets heavier then subsides as days go by. Implantation bleeding is light throughout and goes diminishing as days go by.

Menstrual blood is heavier than either spotting blood or implantation bleeding. Menstrual blood is also a dark red due to exposure of the blood to the air. Fresh blood is a bright red. Spotting blood is also hued as dark red only that it is lighter than menstruation blood. Implantation bleeding will be brown or a darker color than dark red.

The feeling you may get before you start menstruating can be compared to implantation. Implantation may have mild cramping that matches the days right before menstruation. The cramping is not severe and should not intensify. If it does, see a gynecologist immediately.

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Implantation Spotting Blood

Spotting is so called because it is just that; spotting. It is not continuous bleeding. It is simply unexpected bleeding that leaves blood stains every now and then on the panties. It is also irregular and unpredictable. It does not have a time-frame associated with it.

Menstruation Blood

Menstrual blood is usually light at the start of the period and then it progressively gets heavier as the period progresses then eventually gets lighter and stops. Some women may experience a heavy flow that may have several days of intense bleeding. Eventually the bleeding stops and a natural cleaning process of the vagina ill take place. This cleaning removes all remaining blood in the vagina and cervix which is usually darker that menstrual blood. It is also lighter than menstruation.

Study the Pattern

It is hard to confuse implantation bleeding with heavy period. Light period however can be a little confusing. Light period also comes as a light-heavy-light wave and then disappears so you can always check and compare any bleeding to that pattern. If it does not fit, then you are probably having implantation bleeding.

Who should expect implantation bleeding

Implantation bleeding is only expected in sexually active women. Any woman of childbearing age who is trying for a baby should know the difference between the kinds of bleeding so as to almost accurately predict the time when the baby is expected to be born. It is not her duty to predict but this information is important in helping your doctor tell you precisely when your baby is due.

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