6 Tips before Writing a Job Bid Proposal Template

Free Construction Proposal Template Pdf Beautiful Contractor Bid …
Free Construction Proposal Template Pdf Beautiful Contractor Bid …

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A job bid proposal can be your key to win a project. However when it is not written properly, you can lose the project since you have a competitor that make a better proposal and provide better solutions. So if you want to win the project, don’t be in a hurry to write a proposal once you have the request for proposal from your client. There are some things to do first to end up with the best one.

Reading Carefully
If you don’t read the request for proposal carefully, you can’t properly address the needs of the client. Reading the proposal is more than just running your eyes through the words, but you must understand what the client really wants from you. The description of the project and the problems that need to be solves should be well understood if you want to respond to the client with a good proposal. If you haven’t understood, then re-read the proposal until you get what the client means.

Planning a Good Opening
Whether this is a cover letter or an Executive Summary that will be the first section of your proposal, you must make it impressive as this will determine whether or not the client will read the rest of your proposal. When the opening is interesting, the client will be much more interested in finding out what is in the proposal. However, when he finds the opening is boring and unattractive, he will go to the other proposals to look for the most impressive one. So don’t waste your opportunity to keep the client stick with your proposal till the end by playing with an encouraging opening.

Outlining Your Qualifications
You can make your proposal standout by including all your strengths such as your educational background, skills, experiences, awards or anything that can make the client impressed. Make sure that the listed qualifications are relevant with the project. By giving such information it is as if you tell the client some reasons why your proposal is the great one.

Responding the Client
One of the reasons why you must read the proposal from your client properly is because there are some requirements or even questions you should provide the responds and answers in the proposal. Make sure that you respond every requirement and answer every question because this will be what the client look for when reading your proposal.

Making Cost Estimation
This is also an important part that will get a lot of attention. This cost estimation should be suited with the client’s project. The materials, services, or anything that you offer should be aligned with what they need especially if the client state the maximum budget provided in the request for proposal.

Giving a Polite Closing
The closing is as important as the opening since this can be the last thing that will stay in the client’s mind after reading your proposal.Show your gratitude for the consideration to make your proposal more valuable.

If necessary you can also include some portfolios or testimonials from your previous projects or customer in the same type or field to make your bid job proposal even stronger. Just ensure that you are providing the right information the client wants to know.