Designing a Marketing Plan Proposal Template

10 Steps: How to Write a Business Proposal [NEW Templates – 2018]
10 Steps: How to Write a Business Proposal [NEW Templates – 2018]

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Every business needs a marketing plan to design some strategies in reaching the marketing goals. Surely the customer is your first priority since they are the ones that can make your business still grow up in the industry. In order to make your business more successful, designing a marketing plan is very important. Here are some things to do to make your marketing plan proposal easy to be viewed by the advisors, employers or employees for giving suggestions and advice.

Targeting the Customer
Surely you can’t make everyone becoming your customer, so you should target who the customer is. It may include the gender, age and their interests that make them interested in using your services or products. Describe this part clearly since the customer is the key for growing up a business as they are the reasons why you have profits.

Planning Selling Proposition
How would you sell your products or services? If you want to be standout among your other competitors, don’t just make standard selling proposition. Make your proposition unique to attract the customer. There are many ways you can discuss with your team in order to decide what proposition you are going to use for selling your services or products so that the customer will prefer buying from you than from your competitors.

Setting Pricing
The price of your services or products depends on the quality. When setting the price, you need to consider what position you want your business to be in. if you are building a premium business in the field, and then you may need to use higher qualities than the competitors so that you can set higher prices than them. It doesn’t mean you will lose your customer because many of them may prefer using high quality services or products by paying more rather than average products or services with too low prices. That is why your business position should be also aligned with your customer to ensure that you are targeting the right people.

Deciding the Distribution
Now answer this question, how will you bring the services or products to your customer? If you are selling goods, then you can use website or distributors to help you bring them to the customer. However if you are selling services, you may need to think more about how they can be delivered to your customers and who will be involved in this distribution plan. Make a franchise business can be also a good option for distributing services.

Making Offers
Provide some special offers to attract more customers in choosing your business. There are many ways to make special offers; it can be discounted price, trials, packages and many more. Just ensure that your offers are not just for attracting the customer at first and make them disappointed at the end. Both parties should get the benefits.

Listing the Materials
For promoting your business, you need to use some materials to let the customer know that you have something great to offer. It can be brochure, website, poster or any media to connect you and the customer. If you have already had the materials, use them again or re-design them to improve the effectiveness. By listing the materials, you can find out what marketing strategies you are going to use. For example if you use website for the marketing material, then your strategy is online marketing. You can combine different materials and strategies as long as you are sure that all of them can work properly.

Using Online Marketing
As online shopping is more preferable these days, online marketing is more effective to use. Many businesses today have been using this interesting marketing strategy since this is very suitable to the needs of modern society. However if you want to set online marketing strategies, then you need to know how to build and design them. Social media should be one of the materials included in your online marketing because it offers larger customer. You may also need to use professional advertising programs to help you reach your marketing goals.

Joining Partnership
Sometimes you need to work together with the other companies for growing your business. You can do a research about what your customer usually need or buy after buying or using your products. By knowing this matter, you can list all companies that are providing those other products or services related to offer a partnership. If the partnership benefits both parties, this will be easy to realize and increasing sales is possible to do.

Creating Financial Plan
All of the things above to promote your business need a certain budget that should be prepared. So calculate how much the marketing plan will cost and plan the amount of profit you will gain after doing it. There should be an increasing in the profit after the marketing strategies applied. So consider these two things well to ensure you don’t invest the money for a waste.
Designing a marketing plan proposal is not easy. So if you need more help, go find some samples or templates to end up with the best and most appropriate proposal format and content.