How a Formal Business Proposal Template Constructed

014 Template Ideas Business Proposal Letter Free Download ~ Ulyssesroom
014 Template Ideas Business Proposal Letter Free Download ~ Ulyssesroom

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A business proposal is a tool to connect to your client or customer. This is a great way for increasing your profits and growing your business. Sometimes a business proposal is made for responding to a request for proposal from the client and the other times it can be sent without RFP, which means you send it by yourself as an offer for the client, which mostly happens after discussing and talking about what the client needs. Either way, you need to know how a formal business proposal is constructed so that you can end up with a professional document that makes your business standout.

Stating Problem
Ensure you don’t tend to make your client feel depressed with your statements in this part. Problem Statement is a section where you show the client that you understand the problem or issue in his business. You can find this out by meeting the client before writing the proposal and doing a research about the client’s company. Once you know what problem he is facing, you can kindly state it just to let the client know how good you are in understanding what he needs.

Proposing Solutions
Since you have stated the problems, now you need to propose the solutions. This is the main reason why you send the proposal and why you want the client accept your offering. The solutions should be explained in detail including the process and actions that would be taken. Let the client understand what you are going to do to help him and what objectives will be achieved from the solutions. When the solutions can excellently solve the current problem, your proposal has a bigger opportunity to be accepted.

Providing the Price Information
Make this part simple and easy to understand. A long-term project usually needs a more complex explanation as you will need to include the payment method. So it depends on the size and complexity of the project to find out how the pricing information can be constructed.

Putting the Right Information
A formal business proposal is not the longest one, but the simplest one. It means that your proposal should only consist of things the client needs and wants to know. Don’t add jargons, fillers or anything just to make your proposal longer. If it ends up short, then let it be. You don’t need to make it short either since your main purpose is to put the required information, so if your long document is only constructed with those the client should be informed, then you can leave it that way. Try to put yourself on the client’s shoes. Think about what you want to know if you were the client. List all of them to be included in the proposal.

One more important thing to note is that you should make your proposal standout. Imagine how many competitors you should beat to win the client. If you don’t provide something more interesting and unique, there is no reason for the client to choose your proposal as the winner. It can be your experiences or qualifications, it can be your skills or awards, just put anything that may make you stand out among the others. Just make sure you won’t put too much information about your business since the focus of the proposal is the client, not you.