How to Write an Official Proposal Template

4 Top Free Informal Business Proposal Template Photos – Seanqian
4 Top Free Informal Business Proposal Template Photos – Seanqian

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An official proposal is required when you are sending a respond to an RFP especially if the client asks you to write a formal one. Writing a formal proposal is easy as long as you know what should be included and what format to use.
Writing a Cover Letter
This is a good and polite way to let your client know why you are sending this proposal. This part should be brief and simple since it summarizes your proposed solutions for the client based on his need.
Introducing Your Company
Introducing who you are is also necessary before explaining more about the proposed solutions in the proposal. Write something attractive about your company including the background, history, experiences and qualifications. Don’t put too much information about this since your focus is on the client. If you write too much information in your proposal, you will make the client bored reading this part. After introducing you can show the client that your company is suitable for the project based on the things included in your company introduction. Make sure to make this part short and simple.

Addressing the Purpose
This can be the main part of the proposal since this is where you address the needs of the client through your solutions. This is where the purpose of your proposal is explained more. Tell the client what you will do to address their needs in brief paragraphs because later you can provide more description.

Describing the Methods
While you have summarized the solutions and methods in the previous parts, now you need to describe more about them by explaining the methods in details. List all the phases in the process of helping the client with his problems. By writing this description you can help the client understand more about your plan. Convince the client that your proposed solutions are appropriate and suitable for them by explaining the phases.

This part should be also completed with the timeline of when each phase or the whole process will be completed. Add budget information and put it in a table to list how much money required for each phase or how the total cost will be used during the process. The client surely needs to know how the budget requested will be wisely used.

Including Previous Experiences
To convince the client even more, show him your previous experiences in dealing with the same projects will be helpful. This can make the clients sure that you are capable and qualified for finishing the project. Your experiences and qualifications in the related field can be a great tool for attracting the clients for accepting your project.

Don’t forget to use formal proposal format since it highly influences the appearance of your proposal. Remember that the first thing the client will look at from your proposal is the appearance. When he finds out you are not using formal format, especially not using the format has been requested and mentioned in the request for proposal, it is possible to happen that your proposal will not even be read. So make it great both from the inside and outside.