Joint Venture Proposal Template

Horizon Proposal template for: H2020 Widespread Teaming – PDF
Horizon Proposal template for: H2020 Widespread Teaming – PDF

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Sometimes working with a partner is necessary to attract more customers and gain more profits. However asking a partner to work together is not a simple matter. You need to prepare an outstanding proposal that can make them say yes to your offering. So here are some things to do to end up with a great proposal.

Doing a Research
If you haven’t had the list of the potential partners, then go research some companies that are providing services or products related with yours. After that you can research each potential partner to find out what the company is looking for. This is a great tool to be included in your proposal since the main content of your proposal should be providing the benefits for them.

Talking to the Potential Partners
Not only doing a research, you need to talk with your potential partners to listen directly what they want from a partnership and what benefits they are looking for. Talking can give you an opportunity to understand the partner more.

Getting Closer with the Them
Most partners will be happier to work with the people they already know rather than working with strangers. So if you want to make them interested with you, get to know them first. Getting closer to them personally will give you more benefits. By doing this you can also make your proposal more personal, which is a really good point to help you win.

Offering Profits
After researching and discussing, now you can gather some words to make compelling sentences and phrases that can make them interested in joining with you. Offer things the partners can reject. Those should be taken from the research and discussion. When the partners get what they are looking for, they will feel hard to reject your offerings.

Making it Simple
Let the partners understand your proposal easily by making it simple. Simplicity is one of the keys to get the partner’s attention because most of them will feel uninterested dealing with complicated proposals that should be well processed in their minds just to get the main point.

Showing the Earnings
This is one of the most interesting parts of your proposal that will be put into consideration. You need to make it proper and valuable by creating earning estimation based on some factors, not just predicting it blindly. You need to show the data of why you think the estimation is that amount of money.

Stating the Urgency
Tell the partners of when you need a respond for the proposal because you can’t wait too long for them. It can be done by stating the expiration date of the proposal or simply telling you will make a follow up, or do something to give them a hint that you need the response soon. Don’t say directly that you want a quick respond, but a hint is just enough and more polite.
Get some samples or templates will be helpful to finish this proposal properly once you know what to write.