Steps to Write a Grant Proposal Template Word

Free Grant Proposal Templates | Smartsheet
Free Grant Proposal Templates | Smartsheet

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Collecting money for your non-profit organization is easy as long as you have a convincing proposal that can make the money sources interested in providing what you are asking. A grant proposal is a communication tool that connects you with the funder, so make sure you put the right information that can be easily understood.

Writing a Cover Letter
Your cover letter should be short and simple as it is a great way to introduce your organization or project. You don’t have to put all information from the proposal in the cover letter. What you need to do is to tell the funder the amount of money that you need and what you are going to do with it.

Preparing an Executive Summary
Summarize the project you are planning to do with the funds here in the executive summary. Don’t put too much information, but provide a summary of the important content to leave the more details and explanation in the proposal. You can briefly tell about your organization, what it is doing, what the project is and why it is relevant with your organization.

Stating the Problem
Tell the funder what problem you are trying to solve. Make it clear and easy to understand to let the reader knows exactly what you want to overcome. It could be environmental, educational or anything related with your organization.

Providing the Outcomes
What would be the outcomes of your project? You need to make it more details by providing the outcomes of every phase in the project. For example you can tell the funder what the outcomes would be in a week or a month to finally provide the final outcomes, which are the goals and objectives of the project. Make it easier for the funder to understand by starting with some information about the goals and objectives to be later completed with the specific goals of each phase.

Informing the Methods
After telling the problem and the expected outcomes, now you can let the reader knows what actions you are going to do to solve the problems. This should be very clear and detail since this would be very considered by the funders. Every activity in the process would be funded, so you should ensure that you have set excellent methods to make the project successful. Make the funder get a picture in his mind about how the process would be by describing the methods, strategies or activities during the project.

Setting an Evaluation
Surely you are not planning to get the money and run. You must respect the funder by reporting them the evaluation of your project. It should include all the successful activities during a phase of the project to inform the funder that you have done it as what has been planned, which means the budget is used effectively.

Requesting the Budget
This is the main purpose of your proposal and it should be provided in details. Previously you have stated the methods or activities planned in the project. Now you need to put them here completed with the budget. Putting in a table is an excellent option since this would be simpler and easier to understand.

Introducing Your Organization
It would be awkward if you ask the sponsor for money, but you don’t let them know who you are. introduce your organization by telling the sponsor what it is, when it is built, what it is doing and what have been achieved. Include the main members of the organizations completed with the education and experiences.

The most important part of writing a grant proposal is not the part where you provide your planned activities to impress the sponsor, but it is the preparation that you have planned before the writing process. List all the potential sponsors and find the decision makers in each of them. Remember that you are not sending this proposal to all people in the sponsor company, but only to some decision makers. So your proposal should suit their evaluations to make you win.