Tips to Prepare a New Position Proposal Template

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Proposing a new position to your boss is not easy. It must be done professionally to convince the boss that your proposal is a big solution for solving a certain problem in the company. However, how would you present such proposal? Surely you need to do research, make a good plan and construct a winning proposal.

Prepare the New Position
How the new position should be prepared? First, title the position. Second, decide who would receive the hire report. Third, determine what roles would make a report to the one put in the new position.

Outline the Responsibilities
All the responsibilities of the new position should be explained in details. Not only the responsibilities, you also need to provide explanation about why those mentioned responsibilities should be done by the person in the new position. The tasks put in the new position should be different from the tasks of the other existing positions to prevent overlapping.

Set the Criteria
The criteria of the candidates for the position should be well set including the experience, qualifications and education. if there are specific criteria such as special skills, then you need to mention them too.

Research the Salary
In order to decide the salary of the new position, you can’t depend on your personal estimation. It should be determined based on research. Find out how much salary for the same position with the same field from other companies for setting the right salary amount.

Provide the Benefits
To make the boss agree of what you are proposing, provide some benefits from the new position. It may benefit the company in order to solve a certain issue or increase the productivity of the company. It can also address the financial problems of your company or improve a certain aspect that can create more profits. The benefits can be proved in your proposal by describing how the benefits can be achieved through creating the new position.

Write the Proposal
After everything has been well planned, now structure and write your proposal. to show this proposal, you need to meet your boss for presenting the document.

Creating a new position is not a simple thing. It can be a tiring and complicated task that takes your time and energy. By proving that your position is beneficial for the company, the boss may be easy to give a “Yes” for your proposal and add the new position.